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Hello, assalamualaikum! I'm Ain Rahim . Welcome to my blog, place where I always dream to meet Super Junior. Hehehehe



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Chapter 9

it's been a while since i'm updating post on this blog. yeah nowsaday ppl don't use blog as their main SNS like back then. yeah, back then, blogging is quite famous and there's ppl who even famous from blogging just like Hanis Zalikha who used to be a model. idk whether now she's still a model a what but what i know is she's mom to be.

Alright, that's not the reason why am i write on this blog hokeyyyyyyyy hahahahahaha. actually i'm a big fans of Super Junior. yeah, ppl around me already know abt this 

and they're just like, "KPOP? that's noob" "they're plastic". babe, bro, idgaf at all abt your opinion and your hates towards them actually. it just can't you respect my personal opinion that how great they are? bruh. 

ppl always ask why am i prefer to watch korean dramas, variety shows and everything about korea. basically, it's helps me a lot in my english and korean obviously. and my MUET's exam is just around the corner  (wish me luck please) so i need another alternative to learn english other than reading dictionary and whatsoever. and sometimes i'm also read fanfiction lmao which i found it accidentally on youtube and wattpad (please dont judge me).

and did you know abt recents breaking news about Kangin? i'm so shock af. and i'm cursing him all day (which he didnt even know abt that at all lol okay). it's about his DUI case. it's his second time fyi and he makes ppl around him worried for sure. and obviously haters trying to pressed not only him, but all of Super Junior's members. they were like "everytime i read articles abt them, it just remind me of CRIMINALS" and i found that comment on recently post abt M&D's comeback on SOOMPI (if i'm not mistaken). this is rude girl. and that case recently settled up by his being fined around 7M KRW and haters obviously be like "put that rats on jailed!". he has name, girl. 

but it would be nice if his license would be revoked but since SM ent already make him completely on hiatus mode, it would be hard for him. so, i think being fined already enough according to law.

and recently, Monsta X capture my heart out of thousands rookies groups lol. basically, i like Starships family. hahahahahahahaha. Monsta X is so cute and talented af. did you know that they're the first group that let their Rapper Line as Aegyo Line? this is obviously mind blowing. you'll shock how much their rapper line can turn from hot rapper to master of aegyo. just like Hyde & Jekyll

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