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Hello, assalamualaikum! I'm Ain Rahim . Welcome to my blog, place where I always dream to meet Super Junior. Hehehehe



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Chapter 8

it's been a while since i wrote something on this blog. ppl always use blog to express their feeling and turn it into their diary. actually bahaya weh kalau mcm tu. i mean no need to details about some topic yang kau cerita lah. bcs it's 2015 and we're on 21st century. zaman IT. ceyyy.

so i recently breakup with my bf about 2 months ago (rasanya lah) bcs of ssanti (cheap in korean) reason. hahahahahahaha. okay i don't mind actually bcs i'm already okay with that ending ceyyy.
and yeah, i'm on semester break. one month weh. bosan dia jgn cakap lah.

so actually kan i want to use this blog to express my pendapat towards sesuatu perkara but since i've got no idea about apa nak cerita en en en, so hmmmmm i'm going to cerita about my birthday. it's on 11 oct. yup the same date as Henry Lau from SJM hehehehehe. and date day was a meaningful day bcs my friends buat surprise party. i mean is so funny siaa bcs dorang culik i weh kat rumah. and my jiran thought i kena culik hahahahahaha. 

and here's the wish video

and this is Hafiz (but we called him Chong) and this is Zarif (we called him Sonaone)

and here's Dila, Raiza, Fina and Yayah, Chong, Iman, Jinggo


and here's the picture from that day

and here's the cake 

and that surprise tu dibuat oleh most of them are my new friends. terkejut kan? so do i. hahahahahahahaha. yg girls of course lah my classmate, my schoolmate and my bestfriend that i know about 4 years (i think more than it). and the other 3 guys obviously my new friends. i knew them bcs kiteorg from kelas sejarah yg sama. i mean i don't like surprise actually but i'm still terharu af weh. bcs i'm so appriciate about that day. so i'll mention their name. 

thank you Jaa, Dila, Fin, Yayah, Iman, Chong, Jinggo for that day